Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Mac Community Loses a Creative Talented Mind

... And the World Loses a Kind, Wise and Unique Soul

I never personally knew Tera Patricks (even though we both lived in L.A. at least during some of the same time apparently). But sometimes you really can tell an awful lot about someone through their creative output, writings, favorite software freebies and creative tools, simple meanderings ... and by what the people who love them say and share. Tera was deeply loved and respected.

Tera died today after a long battle with cancer. A sad and shocking loss to her friends, family, loved ones and to the mac community. She was only 46.

Tera was also co-founder of the uniquely creative and special -- a really wonderful portal for the mac community. She also shared some of her life's final take on things big and small at her blogsite, Tera Talks.

This is just my small way of acknowledging her presence, her loss, her contributions to the internet and to me personally through her writings and her sites -- a small tribute sending that acknowledgment into the cosmos ... sweet travels, Tera.

Tera Patricks, mac community, OS X,, mac 360


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