Monday, December 05, 2005

GOP Corruption + Incompetence = Great Big Messes to be Cleaned up for Years to Come

Wapo on the ongoing FEMA incompetence (not to mention the continuing lack of accountability).
....Federal Emergency Management Agency's response to the evacuee crisis in the months after Hurricane Katrina is[n't] going any better than that first, panicked, non-response to the hurricane itself three months ago.
This and more from the party that:
  • promised to dismantle 'big government' and transfer as much wealth as possible to the already obscenely wealthy,
  • has created the largest deficits ever,
  • has more crooks and liars than you can shake a stick at (and those are just the elected officials),
  • has presided over ongoing dismantling and erosion of the American working middle class (don't even think about poor people),
  • has created an even larger windfall profit scheme for pharmaceutical corporations under the guise of an incomprehensible medicare drug discount program and
  • knew two years ago that the DeLay Texas redistricting scheme was likely illegal, and certainly discriminatory but the Ashcroft Justice Department hid it ...
Just a little more to be thrilled about in this pro-commercialism Holiday Season happily endorsed and proclaimed a 'cause' by religious and right-wing nutters like that Bill idiot on Faux News.
Bah Humbug.

Okay -- a little good news on the horizon: Americans Want Different Type of President Next Time, Poll Says from Bloomberg News.

And, at least Keith Olbermann of MSNBC is not afraid to be a truth-teller.


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