Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Law & Order SVU: wow!

Talk about the good ole days of investigative journalism, journalists with authentic principles and all those (fairy?) tales from long ago -- tonight's L&O SVU took some major unexpected twisty turns from what appears to be standard child abduction fare into Patriot-Act land, anthrax and bioweapons, with allusions to Halliburton and the sociopathic, greedy, ruthless military industrial complex, sending chills up my spine big-time. Who couldn't help relenting and finally swooning over the handsome, jerky-but-ultimately-courageous, truly principled journalist right along with beautiful, strong truth-loving Olivia?

If only certain aspects of real life could be more like great fiction (like real journalists in case you haven't been following a theme here). If you missed it, keep an eye out for the rerun of the episode entitled
"Storm" -- USA network will air it on Sunday, 12/11 at 11PM.


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