Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kudos to David Shuster's B.S. Detector

Bless David Shuster's keen laser-like eye for hypocrisy.

GOP hypocrisy? Click image above or direct Video Link:

Hat-tip to Daily Kos

David moved in for the jugular. He asked her, what is the name of the last soldier from her district killed in Iraq. Congresswoman Blackburn was forced to admit that she didn't know. David then told her. He was 18 years old (will check for this on C&L so I can get his name). He then reiterated his puzzlement about why it is that Congresswoman Blackburn knows so much about, yet doesn't know the names of KIA from her own district--this was after she claimed that she and her staff "keep in touch every day" about what is going on with service people from her district.

THIS is how you respond to the Repubs about The Ad. David, you the man!!!


Finally, and the heart of what this is really about:

The soldier from Ms. Blackburn's district was named Jeremy Bohannon. He was killed in Iraq on August 9, 2007 and was just 18 years old. Our prayers for him and the loved ones he left behind.

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