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George Will Thinks You and Your Children Are Too Stupid to Deserve Prosperity and Success

Anyone pay attention to Mr. Ivory Tower Pedantic George Will on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos today? Not that Will ever writes or says anything of much consequence, but today he nakedly revealed one of the true fundamental beliefs of the conservative, elite, republican right: If you're not rich, it's because you're too stupid and therefore you don't deserve to be economically secure or prosperous. At least half of all Americans and their children are 'below average intelligence' according to Will and therefore ... you get what you deserve. Tsk tsk you stupid people. Hands washed. As Georgie porgie revealed, the repubs and privileged elite rich folks like George are just so over your tired selves.

The video isn't up yet, but here are the responses so far to his comments during the Roundtable portion, which included progressive Economist and former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich (new book is $ Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life) and Matt Bai of the NY Times.

Where does George live? This economy stinks! In Illinois, rural Illinois for that matter, the economy is so bad. I wr for a social services agency that works with developmentallydisabled. I love my work but let's see if George or any one in the Congress either state or federal level would work for $26000 a year. Oh by the wa I have a bachelor's degree and working on a Masters. I would love to see them try and make a rent, car payment, utilities, and groceries, let alone try to go back to school on tha kind of a wage. That is the norm out here. Where does George think the economy is stable ? The work we do is sooo under paid and so badly needed. I don't have health insurance either. So I think it was a slap in the face for Tony Snow to say what he makes, I feel badly for him andfamily but at least they have healh insurance. Many out here in Rural Illinois don't. I think that is what is one of the things wrong with out country. There is no middle class, there s either the wealthy like Mr. Snow, the Bushes, Congressmen, etc., then there are the working poor who are workig hard to make their bills and not able to save or barely pay the bills. I wonder if they would like to have to work 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet? CJ Illinois
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I did [have] respect for George Will until today! The economy is in good shape for those (according to Snow) that make more than $168K a year! I work as a substitute school teacher because my retirement income isn't enought to support me. "No child left behind" only means to pass kids to the next grade no matter what they know. When I see child after child in the 8th grade, ready to make the next step into high school and can't read or solve simple math equations we are in deep, deep trouble as a nation. Not only do parents need to get involved with their kids, politicians and businesses as well. We ALL have to take a stake in helping these kids see how important education really is to them personally and to our nation.
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All I know is that when the Republicans came in to power I had reached "lower middle class" status. That was a welcome change from struggling to make my bills week-to-week with no more than $300 in the bank. Since they have been "in charge", I find myself sinking backward. My sister (developmentally disabled with muscular dystrophy and receives Medicare/Medicaid) receives $13,440 a year in disability and I (with health insurance where I have to pay half) earn $24,000, before taxes, a year. Between high property taxes, property insurance, health insurance, and auto insurance in Florida, I just don't see where Tony Snow is having that hard of a time. By the way, isn't this awesome economy how Hugo Chavez was able to rise to power in Venezuela? This country is sowing the seeds for another "Venezuela" to happen. Sound good?
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I hope you have George Will on video from today talking about how most americans and their children are below average intelligence and thus only the gifted and entitled rich should become even richer. He epitomizes the conservative elite view: "we got ours, to hell with anyone else. If you're not rich, it's because you and your children are too stupid (based on our irrelevant elite IQ tests by the way").Dems should use that video clip to show the reality of what the republican 'conservative' party and their elite toadies like Will (Cheney, Bush, Thompson, McCain and all their ilk) really believe: They don't give a flying flip about working people or poor people or average Americans (except as how they can manipulate their base hysteria and emotions and get their uninformed votes).What a guy George. A true believer in only the elite should rule because everyone else is too supid to understand reality. Not that George would know the reality of working people if it bit him in the backside.
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I respect George about as much as I do Hair-al-Doh at this point. He lost all of my respect for him when he took a jab at RON PAUL at the end of their interview, by saying "you're not going to win" to Ron with a smug look on his face. He is about as snob based as George Bush in my eyes now. No brag. Just fact.
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Rude Awakening Again

I found the comments by Tony Snow about the difficulty of supporting his family on just 168,000 a year very upsetting. Talk about two americas maybe it's time to listen to John Edwards.
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George Will is obviously and consistently concerned with profit and lower taxes and productivity and unconcerned with the suffering of the American people. He is a conservative to promote the interests of the wealthy as all conservatives are.
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how big is the risk of subprime defaults and falling real estate prices. factor in the millions of jobs lost through immagration enforcment and tens of thousands of bussiness going under. is the banking industry safe? what if we had a run on bank of america, could it survive?
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Tony Snow had to quit his job of which he makes $168K and get full health insurance and your guest can understand why he had to resign - Help, we average Americans don't have a chance if your guests can understand that.
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Georgie 'Let Them Eat Cake' Boy spouted the Bush/Repugneocon line: the numbers we tell you are great, therefore the economy is great, therefore end of story. No worries for the rich. So why should he (or the republicans) care one peep about anyone else. He predicts the economy is not an issue in the 2008 election.

As Matt Bai pointed out, the admin (once again) showed their tone-deafness and tin-ear (and disdain) for working and middle class Americans when Tony Snow complained that even on the best health care plan in America making $168,000 year, he was losing money.

Robert Reich predicts the economy is an issue and that we are headed into a recession. Stay tuned.

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